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Event Coordinating

What to Expect

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     Step 1     

Free Consultation

Our initial conversation will be a casual phone call to answer any questions you may have for us. We will ask you questions to find out details about your event, provide information about how pricing works and what services we provide.

Don't worry if you don't have every detail figured out! Thats what we are here to help you do ;) 

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     Step 2     

First Meeting

The First Meeting is designed to go over all of the details of your event! We want to help you have all of your vendors picked out and create a timeline for major event planning items. This meeting will help us lay out the framework for your event.


From this meeting till your event date, we are available to help as often as you need at no additional cost!

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     Step 3     

A Month Before

A Month Before your event we will go over the step by step details with a magnifying glass! This is your chance to make edits to your timeline and work with us to create a final itinerary (don't worry we can make changes later if needed!). By this time we will have a good idea of exactly how the day will go, from the big ideas to the small tasks! A final to-do list will be created and followed up on during this month.

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     Step 4     

Weeks Leading to the Wedding

The weeks leading to the wedding, all important members will be given a personalized itinerary - this can include you, your bridal party, parents, vendors and anyone else that you might need one! The itinerary will give everyone a good idea on where to be and what time things are happening. These weeks will also be used for us to contact all of your vendors and make sure that everything is good to go!

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     Step 5     

The Night Before

The Night Before we will make sure that you have all of the items you need for the next day and are getting ready for a good night's sleep!


We will do a quick run through of the itinerary together and add in a bonus pep talk! :)

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     Step 6     

The Big Day

The Big Day! We will take care of everything from here. Enjoy your day and let us worry about the rest!


From finding you a last minute safety pin to making sure Uncle Raj knows where to sit, we got you!

From the start to the end, we will be there for you and your family.

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