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April 10th 2021


 My fiance and I had our entire wedding planned in NY and then moved it to NJ about three months before our wedding day due to COVID. After doing all of that work ourselves, I figured I could assign bridesmaids, groomsmen and family members to various tasks the day of and did not need a Day Of Coordinator. I began to realize that I wanted our wedding party to be able to enjoy the day as well and that I had underestimated how all the little things were piling up. I really did need someone to coordinate all of our plans, execute our ideas on time, and bring our vision to life.

My first phone call with PS celebrations left me feeling like I was speaking to individuals who were truly passionate and had a "Whatever it takes" attitude. My fiance and I got on a Zoom meeting the team of three (Priya, Sweta, and Pooja) and the meeting left us feeling like we found good people who were a complementary team. My fiance felt what they may lack in experience they more than made up for in effort and genuine care about us.
We had meetings about once a week in the weeks leading up to the wedding and all three girls were handling various tasks and paperwork. They created detailed timelines and completed vendor specific timelines. They came through on all their promises. They didn’t lock us into a box or put extra pressure on us when we were falling a bit behind. We felt better after each meeting.

PS celebrations joined us for our rehearsal dinner and in addition to rehearsing at the church, they were kind enough to help with set up of food in the church hall and clean up. Before I even had to ask a family member to help, they were on top of it. All of our relatives were raving about how helpful they were.

Having PS celebrations with us on our wedding day was a Godsend and we would not have survived without them. Between all three girls, my fiance and I had one person with us at all times and one person with guests and overseeing vendors, set up, etc.

From wake up calls, breakfast pick up and distribution, to hair and make up coordination, photography, items for each mini event, etc the whole morning and getting ready process was smooth. Priya, who was with me the whole time, was even feeding me fruits in between photos so I could eat before the ceremony. Thinking back, this brings tears to my eyes because it shows how genuinely all three girls care! I was helped with all of my outfit changes, jewelry changes etc. They got us our food and even packed some to go the night of for us to eat at the hotel. At the end of the long day, I dreaded having to clean up the bridal suite and pack everything into a car. All three girls packed all of our items and helped load it into my sister's car. I couldn't believe it! This was all done even before we said our final goodbyes to guests.

All of our vendors took note and raved about PS celebrations and even days after our wedding, our family members, my fiance, and I are still talking about them. They are efficient, organized, sweet, genuinely caring and go above and beyond to make sure everyone is happy and taken care of. They remembered tiny things we mentioned in passing weeks ago that we had forgotten about as higher priority tasks drowned them out. They did all of this with positivity and their stress never took away from my enjoyment of the day. They adapted and adjusted to changing situations without us having to tell them. It was a freedom that was priceless. 


Many of our family members and friends mentioned that this was the best wedding they've been to. Within two weeks my Maid of Honor hired them for her own wedding after seeing firsthand what they accomplished.  My now husband and I could not have pulled it off without PS celebrations by our side on our special day! Word of mouth has always been the gold standard and we cannot recommend this amazing team more highly! 

Leena and Bobby Thomas

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